Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

Shop Steward: Estelle Stevenson 646-458-4795  estellestevenson1983@gmail.com
Asst Shop Steward: Ray Rooney 718-483-0439 raymondrooney2018@gmail.com

SHAPERS (List Members & those that have been processed) ARE WELCOME FOR ANY GAME
CALL TIME 5:30 PM -  AT POST 5:45 PM - DOORS OPEN 6:00 PM - GAME TIME 7:00 PM  

You will need to work or shape 10 games to remain on the Seniority List after the season.
You should contact the Shop Steward a week in advance to put yourself on to work each home stand. If the SS can not contact you to work, the next person on the list will be called to cover the call.  You will be allowed to shape the game if you were not contacted.


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