Shop Steward (GSR's) - Kevin Smith  631-513-3707
Ass't Shop Steward - Bob Scafidi  631-383-7185

​Shop Steward (TT's) - Rich McCarrick 516-582-3116

​Ass't Shop Steward - Dan Cincotta 917-848-7374 

FROM :CJ (Posted 5/28/20)

To the Members of Local 176, 
First and foremost, I hope all of you and your families are staying safe and healthy.  
When I saw more than half of you back in March for training, I could tell that you were ready for another successful season. That’s one thing I respect about this group – no matter what you have going on in your lives, you always show up refreshed and ready to do your job. Whether it’s your first year or fiftieth in the Union, you are prepared to talk to, work with and serve our guests because of the relationships you have developed over the years. These relationships go beyond just being coworkers and I hope you are continuing to stay in touch with each other during this time.
As odd as it may sound, I miss looking forward to the grind of a long homestand and our roll calls where we would talk about everything happening with the game that day before the loud “Here” from Howie Pulley. Unfortunately, this virus had other plans for us and has forced us to wait patiently for our lives to get back to normal.
Like most of you, I am a diehard baseball fan who looks forward to our game nights together and to see the memories we make for our fans and their families every game. Hold tight to the impact you have made on those around you and impressions that you will make each day as our guests come back again and again because of the first-class levels of service that each and every one of you provide.  
On a personal note, like many of you I have been working from home for over two months now and am keeping quite busy juggling work and family time.  We just got a grill for our backyard which has allowed me to test my grilling knowledge, or lack thereof, with each meal we make. We’ve realized how lucky we are to have an outdoor space to ourselves and are doing our best to take advantage by being outside whenever possible, while also social distancing.
Please feel free to reach out via email at or text/call me at 516-205-0336 if you want to catch up or have any questions.
All the best and Let’s go Mets!

                                                                ****** ATTENTION *****

After having a phone conversation with the Mets, this is where we are.....

The start of the baseball season has been postponed.  MLB will reassess the situation and will make further recommendations.  With Spring Training also being shut down, some sort of Spring Training will likely have to take place before the season can begin.

I was told that all this information can change at any time. If/when I am notified of any change in the above information or any further details, be assured that I will let you know as quickly as possible.
Please monitor the official Local 176 website for information as well.
Thank you.

Listed below is the 2020 Seniority List.
For the benefit of those who were added onto the Seniority List this year.....
1- This is your number for the entire year. It never changes. You MUST put this number on the work slips when you submit your availability for each Homestand. 
2- As a List Person, depending on when you started working at Citifield,  it is MANDATORY that you WORK a minimum of either 20 or 30 events to keep yourself on the Seniority List AND to move up to the next pay level.  Failure to do so could (contractually) result in you being removed from the Seniority List and/or terminated. 

All Citifield Members:

Below are the “Last On” Numbers for the Hurling event on Saturday November 16th.
There will be more people asked to work as I already have several scratches, so if you’re still interested, stay close to your phones. 
Call times are:
GSR 10:20
TT 10:50

General Game Information that I know:

The 1st Match will start around 12:45PM and will be Limerick vs Wexford

The 2nd Match will start around 1:50PM and will be Tipperary vs Kilkenny

The Final Match will be the winners of the 1st two and will start around 3:10PM

We should be done between 4:30PM and 4:45PM

Parking Passes: They should use Special Event 3

Any questions, feel free to TEXT me. Thanks!

Covid Grant Update 5/8....All members with Direct Deposit, that applied for the Covid-19 grant from the Mets, should have received their money by today.  For those without Direct Deposit, your checks was mailed today and will hopefully reach you by early next week.
Please contact me by TEXT.....
1- If you have Direct Deposit and did not receive your money or....
2- If you do not have Direct Depost and have not received a check after your mail is delivered on Thursday May 14th.

GSR Shop Steward - Kevin Smith GSR Asst. Shop Steward Bob Scafidi

Ticket Taker Shop Stewart - Rich McCarrick Ticket Taker Asst. Shop Stewart - Daniel Cincotta

Covid Grant Update 5/9.....The Mets have informed me that there were “less than 10 people” who, when they applied for the Covid-19 grant, did not apply for the full amount that they were eligible for. 
For example, if a person worked 30+ events, they were eligible for $1000, but may have only applied for $500.
If you are one of the people who fall into this category, and did not request the full amount originally, you are eligible to go back and refile for the remainder of your grant money.  The only stipulation is that you can not submit your request until 30 days after your original request. 
You will need to use the link attached to the original email.  If you no longer have that email, use this link 

                                                                  IMPORTANT (POSTED April  6, 2020)

Sometime tomorrow, the New York Mets will open their COVID-19 Relief Program. Any of our members who worked a minimum of 15 EVENTS in 2019 are eligible to receive this grant. Each person who is eligible should receive an email from (If you do not receive this email, check your Spam/Junk Mail folder, as it may have gone there.) This email will be sent to the email address that you have on file, in your contact information in Workday. You do not have to access Workday to participate. If you do not have an email on file, and think you are eligible to apply, you can apply directly through this website:

If you do receive this email, you are eligible. The email will provide a link to the above mentioned website to apply for this grant. You will be asked to provide your name, telephone number, email address, and an identifying number. The identifying number you are to use is the last four (4) digits of your Social Security number. (The use of the last 4 digits of your Social Security number is being used only to identify you, and not, I repeat, not, for income tax purposes.) The application process will ask who you work for; the answer is Queens Ballpark Company, LLC. The next step in the process will involve providing a breakdown of your expenses. There will be four (4) categories; personal, family, living, and funeral. The categories begin at $0, you will have to give a breakdown of these expenses, but you will not have to document the expenses. As an example, if your rent is $800, food bills $150, and Con Edison is $50, you could list $1,000 for living. The Mets Relief Committee will determine the actual amount of the grant, but I strongly advise all to request $1,000. If you request less, your grant will be less. The main purpose of this process is to remove the obligation of withholding Federal Taxes.  

Additionally, as it is a grant, it will not be deemed income when you file your 2020 income taxes next year, but, when you file next year, you will have to notify your income tax preparer that you received it. At this time, we are unsure if New York State and/or City Taxes are being withheld. According to the Mets legal department, this should not have any effect on your collecting Unemployment Insurance or Pandemic Insurance Assistance.

Lastly, after receiving the email, you will have two weeks to reply, but an extension is possible. We strongly suggest that you do not delay in responding to this email when you receive it. If a member has any question, reach out to President LoCascio, Vice-President Smith, or Business Agent Marinacci.

The Officers and Executive Board of Local 176 thank the membership for their patience throughout this crisis, and hope our members and their families continue to maintain their health and safety.

Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

Below is the work slip for Homestand 1.

This slip is for your planning purposes ONLY.  Please do not send me your availability at this time.  You will be able to submit a work slip at your respective training class.

Be advised that both Opening Day and Sunday March 29th have been desidnated High Alert Days.  Please try to be available on those days.  Thanks!

Remember, DO NOT put in for any dates that you are making yourself available to work in another venue. If you get assigned to work another venue (Ex..MSG), please let me know immediately.


Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.