Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

​​Citi Field Shapers.....
Below you will find the "Final Number of Shapes" for the 2017 Season. 
We started out the season with 81 shapers and, for various reasons, ended it with 65.  Your total number of shapes will NOT be the sole factor in determining if you will pass probation and be brought back for next year. As you were all informed when you were hired back in February, other factors include:
1- Your availability to work the concerts, conflicts with the US Open, weekends and holidays and any other time we were short.
2- Amount of scratches or not showing up when scheduled to work. 
3- Turning down/declining work in order to work at another venue. 
4-Lateness and job performance. 
Thank you for your efforts this year. Everyone will be reviewed on an individual basis. You will all be contacted in the next few months about your status for next year.

2918 Training/Registration dates/times have been announced. Those that have not received and/or responded to Rudy's email need to contact him ASAP via email or text ONLY! Dates are listed below:

Serving major sports and entertainment venues in NYC Metro area.

Date                                        Registration                Program Starts          Program Ends

Wednesday, March 14th         11:30 am                     12:00 pm                        3:00 pm

Wednesday, March 14th         5:30 pm                       6:00 pm                          9:00 pm

Saturday, March 17th              10:00 am                     10:30 am                        1:30 pm

Monday, April 9th                     5:30 pm                       6:00 pm                          9:00 pm

Shop Steward (GSR's) - Kevin Smith local176kevin@gmail.com  631-513-3707
Asst Shop Steward - Bob Scafidi bobscafidi176@gmail.com  631-383-7185

​Shop Steward (TT's) - Jane Aspinall  jane.aspinall@gmail.com 718-781-1179