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Listed below is the UPDATED 2019 Seniority List.
For the benefit of those who were added onto the Seniority List this year.....
1- This is your number for the entire year. It never changes. You MUST put this number on the work slips when you submit your availability for each Home stand. 
2- As a List Person, it is MANDATORY that you WORK a minimum of 30 events to keep yourself on the Seniority List AND to move up to the next pay level.  Failure to do so could (contractually) result in you being removed from the Seniority List and/or terminated. 

Below is the "Last On" list for Homestand 2 and the updated Shapers Numbers for Homestand 2.
These updated shape totals include the penalties for those that said they were available but turned down work when offered. 
If you do not see yourself listed as working, there is still a possibility that work will reach you due to scratches and a possible uptick in ticket sales. If more people are needed,Kevin will contact you. 

As a reminder, any shaper who makes themselves available for work, then turns it down when asked, will be penalized 3 shapes instead of one this year. This is necessitated due to some of last years shapers availing themselves for every event hoping to build up their shape total, even though they really weren’t available. 
If there are any questions,  contact Kevin.

Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
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Shop Steward (GSR's) - Kevin Smith  631-513-3707
Ass't Shop Steward - Bob Scafidi  631-383-7185

​Shop Steward (TT's) - Bill Davidson   631-258-4230

​Ass't Shop Steward - Dan Cincotta 917-848-7374