We are currently gathering names for anyone who is interested in becoming a ticket taker at Yankee Stadium. If interested, you may contact Local 176 Business Agent, Rudy Marinacci at Local176rudy@gmail.com or reach out to me, Jesse Cerrato, Yankee Shop Steward at JCNY176@gmail.com. Thank you.

Shop Steward: Jesse Cerrato jcny176@gmail.com 917-325-2393
Asst Shop Steward: Joe Tringali joetrinny40@gmail.com  718-541-8716

Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

                                                                    Welcome to the Yankee Ticket Taker Homepage.

Below you will find all the information associated with working at Yankee Stadium as a Ticket Taker.
The following 3 links are the schedules for the current season for the NYY, NYCFC , and NYM.







NYU Graduation 2024 - May 15th, Wednesday, @ 10 am.

College Football 2024- Nov 23rd, Saturday, @ TBA

Notre Dame vs Army

Conflict List for 2024 Season

MLB Conflict

August 20th NYY vs CLE @ YS 7:05 pm - Direct Conflict

August 21st NYY vs CLE @ YS 7:05 pm - Double

Concerts Conflicts @ CF Citi Field

July 17th Foo Fighters @ CF 5:30 pm - None

July 19th Foo Fighters @ CF 5:30 pm - Direct Conflict
July 21st Blink 182 @ CF 7:00 pm - Double

August 5th Green Day @ CF 5:30 pm - None
August 7th Def Leppard/Journey @ CF 6:00 pm - Direct Conflict

NYCFC conflicts
April 6th NYCFC @ CF 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

April 13th NYCFC @ YS 7:30 pm - Double

April 20th NYCFC @ CF 7:30 pm - Double

April 27th NYCFC @ YS 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

May 5th NYCFC @ CF 4:00 pm - Direct Conflict
May 18th NYCFC @ CF 7:30 pm - Double
May 31st NYCFC @ YS 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

June 14th NYCFC @ YS 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

June 28th NYCFC @ YS 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

July 3rd NYCFC @ CF 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

August 24th NYCFC @ CF 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

September 18th NYCFC @ CF 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

September 21st NYCFC @ CF 2:00 pm - Direct Conflict

Possible NYCFC Conflicts

October 2nd NYCFC @ TBD 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

October 5th NYCFC @ TBD 7:30 pm - Direct Conflict

Tennis Conflicts

August 30th Friday, NY vs BOS @ YS 7:05pm- Direct Conflict

August 31st Saturday, NY vs BOS @ YS 1:05pm- Direct Conflict

Sept 1st Sunday, NY vs Bos @ YS 1:35pm- Direct Conflict

Bonus Structure
75 games x13

70 games x12

60 games x10

55 games x8

Seniority List Link
Here is the link to view the Seniority List at Yankee Stadium.

Here is the link for shapers to view the amount of shapes they currently have. We will update as much as we can.

Here are the following policies and other information when working at Yankee Stadium.

ADP, Direct Deposit & Parking Value Pass
Please follow the below instructions on how to sign up for ADP below. ADP is an app that allows you to view your pay stubs and W2.

Please sign up for ADP ipay services. Using ADP allows you to acquire your W2 forms as well as view your earnings and pay stubs from Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Maimonides Park, MSG, and any other participating venues. ADP will have all your payroll information in one place. To sign up, please create a new account using the following link: https://ipay.adp.com/iPay/login.jsf

Create a new account and use your registration pass code: nyyanks-161 (required for registration). Also, use the last for digits of your SSN to sign up.

Once you have completed the registration process, you may access your pay statements at https://ipay.adp.com.

If you have any questions about ADP or need any assistance, you may contact ADP for support at adp.com/help or 

https://www.adp.com/contact-us/customer-service.aspx.  You may also call the ADP support help center at (844) 227-5237.

Direct Deposit - For Direct Deposit, you will be emailed a form to print and fill out. You will hand this form in with a voided check or deposit slip in order to complete the Direct Deposit process.

Value Pass - For Valuepass parking, you will be emailed a form upon request. Please read the form for the information on discounted parking at the 153rd Street garage. You must pay in advance and in person. $20 per game starting from 5-game packages, so the smallest amount is $100 for the 2024 season. For more information, please inquire on your first day at Yankee Stadium.

Employee Access & Uniform policy

All gameday employees are required to enter via the entrance next to Gate 8 and must go through a security screening. All bags will be searched by security. Helmets and Laptops are not allowed.

Gameday employees who are scheduled to work may enter Yankee Stadium no earlier than 30 minutes to call time. Those shaping may not enter Yankee Stadium unless they are authorized to enter.

You are required to be in full uniform in order to work at Yankee Stadium. Your IDs are part of your uniform. If you do not have your ID, you cannot access the building or clock in to work.

Your uniform consists of your Yankee issued ID, staff hat, polo shirt, black belt, and khaki pants. Any pants issued by the Yankees are allowed. Shirts and pants must be ironed and clean. Please make sure your pants are not brown. Your shoes/sneakers must be completely black with no other color visible, especially white.

Yankee Stadium IDs and name tags must be worn at all times while inside Yankee Stadium.

If you are not in uniform, or forget your hat or shirt, you will not be permitted to work. You will be provided a Yankee Stadium polo shirt and hat the first day you come in for work or on a scheduled day for your uniform pickup. Uniform Pickup Date will be announced via email.

Yankee Stadium Ticket Taker At-Post Policy

Do not bring anything to your post including bags, jackets, non-uniform clothing or other non-work related items.
You may bring a bottle of water to your post, but you may not eat at your post.

Do not walk away from your post. If you need to go to the restroom, please go when you are not busy or when there aren't many guests entering Yankee Stadium. No one should be leaving their post within an hour of start time or once the game starts. This is the busiest time of the shift.

Children who are 3 years old and younger and under 30 inches tall, do not need a ticket for entry. For more info:


Seniority List Requirements

In order to maintain your position on the Seniority list, you must work or shape 10 total events and 1 of those events must be a non-baseball event in a calendar year.

To be eligible to work the MLB Playoffs and World Series, you must have worked 20 events. If the Union is not able to fill the call, then Seniority shall be recognized for ticket takers who have worked or shaped, during the season, of a minimum of ten events combined.

For New Hires: To qualify for a position on the Seniority List, you must work or shape 20 events, however, 5 of these events must be non-baseball events (I.e. Soccer, Graduations and Concerts.)

End of Shift Procedures

If you are working late at Gate 4, please begin using the hand scanners and not the towers. The towers at every gate will be shut down to conserve battery life for faster charging in preparation for the next day. If you are working late at Gate 4, please inform us of which scanners you are using. When you are working late at Gate 4, Please have your phone on and pay attention to any calls from your shop steward. We will be calling you to shut the gates down and leave for the day. You must be aware of any calls from the shop steward so that we may dismiss you as soon as possible.

When you are dismissed, please do not knock on the Locker Room door if it is closed, unless you are working late at the Hard Rock Entrance or Gate 4. When you are dismissed, and if you need access to the locker room, please wait for someone to be present to open the door for you. The Shop Steward or Assistant Shop Steward must be present. You may call the Shop Steward if there isn't anyone available to open the door.


When working Single Admission Double Headers, please note shifts will be longer than a regular game. Management may release us depending on the amount of people who have already entered and how many are still expected to arrive. Please expect to be there until the 6th inning of the second game.

Late / Scratch policy

Please do your best not to scratch. Late scratches cause us to be short, especially when there is nobody left to cover. If you scratch within 48 hours of the call time for when you are scheduled to work, you will receive a warning. If you are late or a no show for an event, you will receive a warning. Three warnings in a 12-month period will lead to termination of your employment at Yankee Stadium.

If you scratch within 48 hours because of an illness or a death in the family, you must provide medical / bereavement documents to be excused. Without any documentation, you will be assessed a warning for scratching late.

In the event there is a substantial delay in subway service, please use the link below for delay verification by the MTA Subway & Buses. If you are late due to a substantial delay by the MTA, you may use this as proof of a delay. However, this may not be an acceptable excuse for being late to work.


Locker Requirements

Locker eligibility is determined on a yearly basis. Lockers are assigned based on the amount of games worked the previous season. 

To be eligible for a locker, you must have worked a minimum of 30 events at Yankee Stadium the previous season to be considered. There is a limited number of lockers, and lockers will be assigned based on the number of events worked the previous season. The minimum events required for lockers are dependent on availability and the total events worked the previous season. The minimum requirement for a locker will change every season.

At the end of every season all lockers must be cleared out. You must remove the contents of your locker the last day you are working. Anything left behind will be discarded.

Yankee Safety Act and background checks

Yankee Stadium is Safety Act Certified with the Department of Homeland Security. Because of this association, they are required to ensure recurring background checks are conducted on individuals who work at the Stadium for safety reasons.