Please Note:

You need to have shaped 10 games to be eligible to work the playoffs. However, you can always come as a shaper in the back of the list.



1.The dress code for the Yankee Playoffs will be enforced: 
Everyone must wear the shirts and Jackets (if needed) that were issued this year (2019).
Black shoes
Black Belt
Black socks
No one will be able to work if they do not have their ID’s, and no one will be issued shirts if you forget them. 
2.Playoffs Eligibility
You cannot work the playoffs if you did not have 10 shapes this year.   (Putting yourself down to work a commitment does NOT count as a shape) you must be physically at the stadium.
3. All Lockers must be emptied by the end of the year.  Lockers will be assigned next year according to how many games you worked this year. Starting from the most games worked to the least until there are no lockers left to be occupied.

New shapers NOT on the seniority list must now shape at least 40 events to get on the list. New Shapers have until the end of next season to make their 40 shapes. If they don't  make their required shapes their ID's will be pulled. In addition, putting yourself down for a commitment does NOT count as a shape. You must be present at Yankee Stadium in order for your shape to count. This also includes being available for the 2 post-season football games. 

Let the shop stewards, Joe, Anthony, and Jesse know your availability for ALL 3 games. 

Shop Steward: Anthony Rocco  914-620-5491
Asst Shop Steward: Joe Tringali  718-541-8716

Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

Yankee Stadium

Results of Shop Steward and Asst. Shop Steward Elections that were held on Sept. 21 Shop Steward - Jesse Cerrato and Asst. Shop Steward Joe Tringali

Congratulations to both Jesse and Joe

Everyone, please remember BLACK shoes, socks, and belts. Jackets and shirts issued ​this year.