Executive Board

Paul Licata: 245

Paul Vogel: 228

Bob Scafidi: 213

Barry Larkin: 201

William Gouldman: 148

Susan Schwartz: 137

Alan Berman: 115

Trustee: Anthony Sparacino: 182

Serving major sports and entertainment venues in NYC Metro area.

Honor your commitments. Do not scratch/call out unless absolutely necessary!  


Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

Here are the results of the Officer/Executive Board Election:

President: Russ Smilowitz: 100 Sal LoCascio: 221

Vice Pres: Kevin Smith: 254

Business Agent: Rudy Marinacci: 216 Bruce Adler: 97

Treasurer: Carlo Foti: 164  Tom Meola: 151

Recording Secretary: Karen Finkelman: 234