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Nominations and Elections​ (posted 4/3/2022)

Nominations for Officer and Executive Board Members of Local 176 will take place at a Special Meeting which will be held on:

Date: Saturday, April 30th 2022
Time: 10:00am (Sharp)
Location: Knights of Columbus Hall, 49-18 Queens Blvd. Woodside NY (Basement Meeting Room)

No member shall be nominated for any office unless he/she shall be actually present at such special meeting. Every nomination made by a member shall be seconded by another member.

No person shall be eligible for office in this Union who has not been a member in continuous good standing for at least two (2) years immediately preceding his or her election to this Local Union.

Once the nomination process is complete, the Recording Secretary/Election Committee will submit to the facilitator American Arbitration Association (AAA) the Ballot and the Membership mailing list. AAA will send each member a ballot, and a self-address stamped envelope, for the purpose of returning the ballot. Nominee’s may submit a brief Bio to John Delgado, Election Committee Chairperson at delmac_2001@yahoo.com (please copy and paste) no later than 10:00am Monday May 2, 2022 to be included with the ballot.

Members who have not received a ballot by May 10, 2022 are to contact the Election Committee Chairperson, John Delgado via email at delmac_2001@yahoo.com (please copy and paste). He will contact AAA to have a replacement ballot sent out.

The count will be held at the AAA office located at 120 Broadway NY, 21st Floor on Monday, May 23, 2022 at 10:00am. Any candidate wishing to observe the vote in person please inform the Election Committee- John Delgado of their intention to attend so the names can be provided to AAA. (Covid-19 protocols must be followed for admittance to the AAA facility) 

To All Members of Local 176:

It has been brought to our attention that there was an error with the mailing of the official election Ballot.
The American Arbitration Association (AAA) admittedly made an error by not including all the Bio's of each candidate for office.  Upon learning of this, we immediately called AAA to advise them of their error.
After discussing all options with AAA, it  was decided that a NEW Ballot with EVERY BIO will be resent out by AAA.
The NEW Ballot will be LIGHT BLUEin color with a DIFFERENT CONTROL NUMBER.  You must throw out the Green color BALLOT you have/will receive, along with the 2 envelopes also included, as it will not be a valid ballot and that vote will not be recorded.
The Officers and Executive Board of Local 176 want to ensure that EVERYONE has the same opportunities to present their Bio's to all of our members.  To do otherwise would be an injustice to those running for office.  Thank you for understanding and good luck to ALL the candidates.
The Officers and Executive Board of Local 176


General Membership Meeting

Thursday, May 19, 2022- 7:00pm

Knights of Columbus Hall

49-18 Queens Blvd. Woodside NY


Old Business

Treasures Report

Business Agent's Report

New Business


Local 176 in addition to accepting Checks and Money Orders will now be accepting Dues Payments Electronically utilizing “Zelle”. Members who wish to pay dues electronically we ask that dues be paid for a minimum of 3 months (Quarterly). For your convenience you can set up quarterly payments in Zelle. Also, please indicate in the Memo section your full name. Payments are to be sent to the following email address:


Nominations for 2022 Election Held on April 30th


 Anthony Sparacino, Sr.                                     

 Giulio Manini

Vice President

 Kevin Smith

Secretary Treasurer                                       

 Carlo Foti                                                

Business Agent                                                

 Rudy J. Marinacci                                          


Recording Secretary                                      

 Steve Jandowitz                                               

                                                                                                                                                   Executive Board                       

 Barry Larkin                                                                         

 Bob Scafidi                                                                         

 Paul Vogel                                                                         

 Paul Licata

 Jesse Cerrato                                  

 Warren Nadel

 Loretta Allbery

 Justin Mann

 Kathy Igel