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Priority List January - March 


First, the Officers and Executive Board of Local 176 hope that our members and their families have maintained their health and safety throughout these trying times. On Monday, June 8, 2020, New York City entered Stage 1 of the reopening process.  The reopening of Sports & Entertainment venues is part of Stage 4 and is approximately 3-6 months away. The Officers and Executive Board have received numerous inquiries regarding the potential re-opening of all of our venues, first on the agenda is   Madison Square Garden (MSG).

Recently, those who work MSG were asked to participate in an employee survey. According to MSG, one of the topics that received a favorable response regarded testing for COVID-19 and the antibody.  As part of MSG’s process to prepare to reopen, MSG offered COVID-19 antibody testing, at no charge. The testing company is BioReference Laboratories, the same testing company contracted by New York State and City. If you go to the MSG Marquee, the message is not ambiguous. MSG is partnering with BioReference in this project. Our members had some serious concerns and we felt they needed to be addressed with MSG management.

 On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, President LoCascio and Business Agent Marinacci participated in a video conference with MSG Executive Vice-President Richard Claffey, with Sr. Vice-President & MSG General Manager Clinton Neils, and MSG Senior Vice-President of Legal Hal Weidenfeld to address our concerns. MSG management stated, at this time, the testing is not mandatory, but they do recommend all employees take it.  If you do register through MSG Marquee, you must consent to have the test results shared with MSG. If you agree to this, you will enter through Chase Square. There is “socially distanced seating” while you wait to register and provide your information to BioReference. Your blood will be drawn for the antibody test on the Garden floor. The process is very quick and you will exit via 8th Avenue. Please note, the testing has been extended to each day until June 19, with no testing on Sunday, June 14. Understandably, members are not comfortable taking the subway to MSG, so MSG has arranged for discounted parking, those sites are listed on the MSG Marquee.

At this time, the testing is being done on a voluntary basis. While it is each person’s personal choice whether to get tested, we highly recommend each person be tested for the antibodies, whether through MSG or on your own. Either way, the testing is at no cost to you. At this time, it has not been determined if the testing results will used to determine if people are permitted to return to work, because neither MSG nor Local 176 know what New York State will decide. As your union, we will do everything we can to ensure management adheres to our CBA. While MSG definitely wants to open for events, and many of our members want to return to work, all parties agree the workplace environment must be 100% safe.

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