10/13/23: Message from B.A. Rudy Marinacci

Very important for our membership to understand, prior to 2012, Local 176 did our staffing in a way similar to how Local 177-Security used to. We gave up the staffing and at each contract negotiation I have been a part of, we have tried to get it back. Even though staffing has continued to be short, management has steadfastly refused to give it back to us. Since 2012, MSG has owned the staffing.

Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

From President Smilowitz:​

SHIFT SWAP UPDATE. See below message from MSG:

 Due to unforeseen technical challenges, we have encountered a delay in rolling out the shift swapping feature. As a result, shift swapping is not yet available for use.

 The WorkForce technical team is actively working to resolve the challenges. The feature is expected to be restored and ready to be used later this month. We understand the importance of shift swapping to our operations and will keep you updated on the resolution.
In the meantime, we are once again temporarily accepting shift swaps via email at VenuesPeoplePractices@msg.com. Please include the colleague you’re swapping with on this email, as both parties involved in the swap will need to provide confirmation in order for the swap to be processed. Once the issue is resolved, shift swaps should once again only be completed through the WorkForce system. 
Thank you for your understanding and patience.

*** Your union team is actively working with MSG management to get this situation corrected. ***

Shop Steward (Ushers): Sal Amico  201-509-7281 salvatoreamico40@yahoo.com

                                   Assistant: Kami Lall  646-842-2090 kamanilall@yahoo.com

Shop Steward (TT's): Rose Hussey  516-551-5567 rohussey@aol.com

​                   Assistant: John Gilmore