Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"


Once again, Madison Square Garden is hiring ushers! If you are interested in applying to MSG, this is the link to file the application. You must have a resume in order to apply. If you do no have a resume or would like help upgrading your current resume, reach out to Business Agent Rudy Marinacci at Local176RUDY@gmail.com. I advise you to apply as soon as possible, as it is not known how long the link will remain active.


Shop Steward (Ushers): Sal Amico  201-306-4393 salvatoreamico40@yahoo.com

                                   Assistant: Kami Lall  646-842-2090 kamanilall@yahoo.com

Shop Steward (TT's): Rose Hussey  516-551-5567 rohussey@aol.com

​                   Assistant: John Gilmore