Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"

                                        MSG Priority List

The following ushers, will comprise the Priority List for the months of October, November and December. The lowest amount of events they made themselves available for was 39. 

Anderson, Chanel        Daves, Anton                 Manini, Giulio           Portillo, Stephanie

Campbell, Joseph         Estrada, Steven             Mei, Charles              Schaller, Vincent

Cavaliere, Lorenzo       Figueroa, Alexander     Miller-Benn, Avril     Suggs, Maisie

Cignarale, Thomas       Isaacs, William              Moehrle, Roy            Taylor-Rivera, Julia        

Chea, Adam                   Joss, Robert                   Pfeiffer, Michael       Wright, Andre      

Clarke, Kevin

Shop Steward (Ushers): Sal Amico  201-306-4393 salvatoreamico40@yahoo.com

                                   Assistant: Kami Lall  646-842-2090 kamanilall@yahoo.com

Shop Steward (TT's): Rose Hussey  516-551-5567 rohussey@aol.com

​                   Assistant: John Gilmore