10/13/23: Message from B.A. Rudy Marinacci

Very important for our membership to understand, prior to 2012, Local 176 did our staffing in a way similar to how Local 177-Security used to. We gave up the staffing and at each contract negotiation I have been a part of, we have tried to get it back. Even though staffing has continued to be short, management has steadfastly refused to give it back to us. Since 2012, MSG has owned the staffing.

This afternoon, Shop Stewards Sal Anico & Rose Hussey, Assistant Stewards Kami Lal & John Gilmore, and I met with MSG to discuss multiple topics. The most “time sensitive” topic is the days that Blackout Days will not be approved for. Those days are

1.       Saturday, November 4- P!nk in the Arena, Sam Morril in The Theater

2.       Friday, November 10-Bill Burr in the Arena

3.       Saturday, November 11-UFC in the Arena, Babyface, in the Theater

4.       Friday, November 17-Dave Mathews Band in the Arena

5.       Sunday, November 19-Empire Classic

6.       Wednesday, November 22-Billy Joel in the Arena, Lil Tjay in the Theater

7.       Friday, November 24-Knicks in the Arena

Our members not on the Seniority List can only choose half a weekend day off, so many have Saturday night as their unavailable session, management cannot take that away from you.

All of our members are entitled to select one full day from Monday through Friday, and many have selected Friday. Our members have until 11:59 PM of the 14th to change their unavailable days. If you do not, your October unavailable days will remain the same for November.

A review of the attached MSG November schedule shows Saturday nights the 4th and the 11th with concurrent events, days that are already short because of members making those days “unavailable”. Fridays are similar. The difference with Fridays is there is a good chance some “Desired Unavailable” will be approved.

Attached is an unofficial schedule of the events at MSG and the Theater for the month of November. With the start of the NHL and the NBA seasons, November is a very busy month. We also understand that the staffing system MSG uses is not the best… but it is what they are stuck with. We are trying to make this system palatable for our members. This scheduling on a monthly basis is still in a pilot program and is still being tweaked.

There were other topics discussed that I will email the details on tomorrow, but we thought it was most important to inform the membership of the dates Blackout Days will not be approved for.Type your paragraph here.

Licensed Ushers and
Ticket Takers
"Unity is Strength"


Tonight we held the runoff election for Shop Steward at MSG between Sal Amico and Lori Allberry. A total of 111 ballots were cast.
The vote count was:
Sal Amico- 65
Lori Allberry- 44
Ballets Voided- 2

Congratulations to Sal Amico on his reelection and to Lori Allberry as well on a great effort.

Shop Steward (Ushers): Sal Amico  201-306-4393 salvatoreamico40@yahoo.com

                                   Assistant: Kami Lall  646-842-2090 kamanilall@yahoo.com

Shop Steward (TT's): Rose Hussey  516-551-5567 rohussey@aol.com

​                   Assistant: John Gilmore


MSG Management has authorized us to use their Legends Club for the Shop Steward election on the evening of Wednesday, November 22nd. The election will be held from 4:30 to 7:30pm. We were not able to use the Theater because of events going on before the Lil I Jay show. You can access the Legends Club from the escalator in Chase Square.

Note: In order to vote, you must be in good standing with your dues. 

Congratulations to Assistant Shop Steward Kami Lall on winning re-election. Also, thank you Mark Szubiak for getting involved and wanting to help to make a difference in Local 176.